Professor in economics



Université de Bordeaux
Avenue Léon Duguit

Thèmes de recherche  

  • Contracts Theory, Incentives
  • Risk preferences, Uncertainty, Emotions
  • Regulation and Competition Policy
  • Microfinance, Non-Profits

Principales Responsabilités scientifiques  

Expertise for National Research Councils: H.C.E.R.E.S. (France); NWO Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen (The Netherlands); Belspo (Belgium).

Member of the Faculty council for economics, business and administrative sciences (Conseil de Faculté d'Economie, Gestion et AES), University of Bordeaux.

2013 : P.I. for an economics, neurobiology and psychology research project, Dopamine, Parkinson’s Disease, and Risk Preferences  CNRS / IDEX Bordeaux.


Microeconomics; Public Economics; Decision Theory; Competition Policy; Corporate Finance; Microeconomics of Development.

Recherches en cours  

- Love, anticipations, incentives, risk and uncertainty;

- Fraud, compliance programs, collusion and internal incentives;

- Individual preferences and the natural and physiological environment.

Réseaux, collaborations de recherche  

Current and past positions

Since September 2006 :
Professeur Agrégé, Université Bordeaux IV (researcher at GRETHA).
Associate Researcher, Toulouse School of Economics (LERNA).

Sept. 2012 - July 2013: Invited Professor, Economics Dpt., University of California, San Diego, USA.

Sept. 2003 - Sept. 2006 :
Maître de Conférence, Université Paris Dauphine,

Sept. 2001- Sept. 2003 :
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge,
Fellow, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, UK.

January - June 2001 :
Lecturer, Economics Dpt., University of California, Berkeley, USA.

Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2001 :
Associate Researcher, Agricultural and Resource Economics Dpt., University of California, Berkeley, USA.

August - Dec. 2000 :
Short-term Consultant, the World Bank (Washington, D.C.).

1998 - 2000 :
PhD student and Teaching Assistant, Université Toulouse I (GREMAQ).

Principales responsabilités administratives et pédagogiques   

Member of the Faculty council for economics, business and administrative sciences (Conseil de Faculté d'Economie, Gestion et AES), University of Bordeaux (since 2015).

Vice-president of the Administration Council (Université Bordeaux IV, 2014).

Dernières publications  

Publications in journals with refereeing process

  • Is there a Demand for Flood Insurance in Vietnam? Evidence from a Choice Experiment ,
  • with Arnaud REYNAUD and Manh-Hung NGUYEN, forthcoming in Environmental Economics and Policy Studies.
  • Living with Floods: Protective Behaviours and Risk Perception of Vietnamese Households (2013),
  • with Arnaud REYNAUD and Manh-Hung NGUYEN, The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance, 38(3): 547-579.
  • Designing Credit Agent Incentives to Prevent Mission Drift in Pro-Poor Microfinance Institutions (2009),
  • with Elisabeth SADOULET and Alain DE JANVRY, Journal of Development Economics, 90 : 153-162.  [Link]
  • The Impact of Leniency and Whistleblowing Programs on Cartels, (2006),
    with Patrick REY and William KOVACIC , International Journal of Industrial Organization, 24 : 1241-1266. [Link]
  • Incomplete Regulation, Market Competition and Collusion, (2006),
    with Jérôme POUYET, Review of Economic Design, 10(2) : 113-142. [Link]
  • Le Renouvellement des Contrats de Concession : Le Cas des Services de l’Eau (2006),
    with Philippe BONTEMS and François SALANIE, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 77 : 495-520. [Link]
  • Work Incentives and Household Insurance : Sequential Contracting with Altruistic Individuals and Moral Hazard (2006), Economics Letters, 92 : 82-88. [Link]
  • The Impact of Regulation on Cost Efficiency : An Empirical Analysis of Wisconsin Water Utilies (2005),
    with Arnaud REYNAUD, Journal of Productivity Analysis, 23(3) : 383-409.
  • Competition Policy, Regulation, and the Institutional Design of Industry Supervision (2004), with Jérôme POUYET, Louvain Economic Review - Recherches Économiques de Louvain, 70(2) : 153-168. [Link]

Monograph and chapters in books with refereeing process

  • Privatisation and Regulation of Utilities,
    forthcoming in Cambridge Essays in Applied Economics, Vol. II, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Labor : Networks and Territories (2012),
    with Thérèse AUBERT-MONPEYSSEN, Editions de l’IRES, Paris.
  • Subsidizing National Champions : An Evolutionary Perspective, (2011),
    with Oliver FALCK, and Stephan HEBLICH, in Do We Need National or European Champions?, MIT Press, Cambridge MA.
  • Instruments for Cartel Deterrence and Conflicts of Interests, (2007),
    in The Political Economy of Antitrust, Vivek Ghosal and Johan Stennek, eds., North Holland.
  • L’Individualisation des Rémunérations : Approches Économiques et Juridiques (2005),
    with Thérèse AUBERT-MONPEYSSEN, Editions de l’IRES, Paris, 157 p. [Link]
  • Normes Sociales d’Entreprises et Régulation Sociale (2003),
    with Isabelle DESBARATS, Jean-Pierre JACQUIER and Jean-Michel PLASSARD, in Mondialisation et Régulation Sociale, Vol. 1, pp. 77-91, L’Harmattan, Paris.
  • The Design of Industry Regulation (2002),
    with Jean-Jacques LAFFONT, in Competition Policy in Regulated Industries, Paulina Beato and Jean-Jacques Laffont, eds., John Hooper University Press. [Link]

Working papers

  • Managerial Effort Incentives and Market Collusion. TSE working paper. [Link]

  • Handicrafts, Art Films, and Other Cultural Goods : The Case for Subsidy,
    with Pranab BARDHAN and Jeff DAYTON-JOHNSON, University of California, Berkeley, Working Paper E04-340, and BREAD Working Paper # 70. [Paper].

  • Political Renegotiation of Regulatory Contracts, 2004,
    with Jean-Jacques LAFFONT. [Paper]

  • Anticipatory Feelings May Generate Ambiguity Averse Preferences.

  • Attention with physiologically constrained matching between brain and stimuli - Implications for economic decision-making, with Antoine DUBERNAT.


  • Economic Challenges in the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    with Hippolyte D’ALBIS, Stefan AMBEC, Gilles LAFFORGUE, François SALANIE and Nicolas TREICH, report for Thalès Alenia Space.
  • Analyse Économique des Contrats de Concession des Services de l’Eau,
    with Philippe BONTEMS and François SALANIE, Ministère de l’Ecologie et du Développement Durable, 2005, 115 p. [Link]
  • Multiregulation in Developing Countries,
  • with Jean-Jacques LAFFONT, World Development Report (WDR) 2002, Background paper, The World Bank, Washington, D.C., 90 p.


  • L'Optimum, Jan. 2017, Le Prix Nobel d'Economie.  []
  • L'Express, Oct. 10, 2017, Indépendante, la Catalogne pourrait-elle éviter l'apocalypse économique ? [lexpress_catalogne.pdf]
  • L'Express / L'Expansion, Oct. 11, 2016, La Théorie des Contrats expliquée en un simple example.  [lexpress_theorie_des_contrats.pdf]

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