Invité: Suneha SEETAHUL

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Séminaire programme III / Développement



GREThA, Université de Bordeaux

"Is being a woman worse than belonging to a lower caste in the Indian labor market? Exploring income differentials across different caste and gender groups"


vendredi 20 janvier


GREThA salle F340

Abstract :
This article studies income gaps in urban India across genders and caste groups. In order to detect and measure unexplained income gaps and consider the existence of discrimination against a given group, we study various subsamples by combining gender and caste variables. In addition, the comparison of parametric and non-parametric results allows us to observe any income differential that might be caused by differences in supports. Using cross-sectional data from the India Human Development Survey (2012), our results suggest discrimination against women in different caste groups. As for income gaps between Scheduled Castes and Tribes and higher castes, we find that income gaps are unexplained only for women.