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Titre de la thèse  

The factors of academic patenting : an application to France

Directeur de thèse  

Co-directeur de thèse  

ROUX Pascale

Date de début de la thèse  


Thèmes de recherche  

  • Economics of science
  • Economics of innovation
  • Applied econometrics
  • Public policies


  • Microéconomie L2 (2016 - )
  • Statistiques L1 (2017 - )
  • Econometrics M1 (2017 - )

Présentation/résumé de la thèse  

Universities and public research organizations are playing an increasing role in the inventive function of developed nations. In France in particular, we observe in 2012 that more than 15% of the invented patents emanate from academics, even if the ownership structure of these patents is complex. The objective of this thesis is to study the factors of the academic patenting in France. To achieve this, we examine three main types of factors. 

First, we analyze the role of factors present in the researcher's usual research activity and without any specific incentive mechanism (e.g. age of the researcher, productivity,  his gender, or the size of his laboratory). Secondly, incentive financing on projects (in particular, funding granted by the French National Research Agency) potentially supports the production of patents by academics. Finally, contractual relations between academics and companies may favor a particular interest of the researcher in patents.


  • 12th Annual Conference of the EPIP Association, University of Bordeaux, France, September 4-7 2017, Does Public Competitive Funding of Science Affect Academic Patenting?