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Titre de la thèse  

Essays on the Economics of Globalization, Inequality and Poverty in Asia

Directeur de thèse  

Thèmes de recherche  

Applied Statistics for Business and Economics; Econometric Skills in Applied Economics; Public Economics and Public Policy; Economic Development; Globalization, Poverty, Inequality, & Well-being; Monetary Macroeconomics; World Economic History & History of Economic Thought, and Randomized Controlled Trials



Public economics and public policy; World Economic History; History of Economic Thought; Applied Statistics for Development Economics


Responsabilités collectives  

Researcher / Lecturer of Economics, University Research Center in Economics and Management (URCEM), French DepartmentRoyal University of Law and Economics (RULE), Cambodia.

PhD Candidate / Research Fellow, GREThA UMR CNRS 5113, University of Bordeaux, Avenue Duguit, 33 608 Pessac, France




  • 2017. The 4th Annual NBC of Cambodia’s Macroeconomic Conference. Organized by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). Topic: The Role of Technology in Promoting Financial Inclusion, Allowing Affordable Services: Empirical Study in Cambodia. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia) (Programs and Slides)
  • 2016. Université d’Eté régionale en Sciences Sociales (JTD) 2016 : « Les enjeux de la transition énergétique au vietnam et en asie du sud-est ». Topic: “Formation aux enquêtes de terrain. Programmes biogaz dans deux communes rurales du district rural de Hoa Vang, province de Danang ». (Danang, Vietnam).
  • 2016. Conference “Political Sciences Week”, organized by Enfant du Mékong. Topic: Economic Organization and Funding of Public Policies. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia). (Slides)


  • 2017. International Seminar “Strengthening of Regional GVC among Korea-Camobodia-Vietnam and Economic Cooperation. Co-hosting by by Korea Insitutute for Industrial Economics & Trade, Institute for Future Growth of Korea University and Cambodia Development Center. Topic: “The Cambodian Economy: Outlook, Risks and Opportunities (Moving Up Value Chains for Industrialisation, Digitisation, Growth and Development)”. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia).
  • 2017. Seminar Bordeaux-Development, organized by University of Bordeaux. Topic: “Globalization, pecialization and inequality in the West and Asia: after the Trente Glorieuses until the age of Brexit and Trump”. (Bordeaux, France). (Link to programs)
  • 2016. Sharing session, organized by RULE. Topic: World economic and political outlook. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia). (Slides)


  • 2016. Interviewed by RFI (Radio France Internationale). Topic: Cambodian Internal Political Issues and the US-ASEAN Sunnylands Summit. (Phnom Penh, Cambodia). (Link)



Work in progress

  • The west I know.
  • Can Cambodia survive economically?
  • Révolution - Emmanuel Macron (Translation in Cambodian language)
  • Public Economics and Public Policy: Cambodia toward a learning, growth, shared prosperity and happy society (2014 – present).

Published Work

  • Blancheton, B., & Chhorn, D. (2018). Export Diversification, Specialisation and Inequality: Evidence from Asian and Western Countries. Pending for The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development.
  • Chhorn, D. (2018). Effect of Microfinance on Poverty and Welfare: New Evidence from 9 provinces in Cambodia. Cahiers du GREThA, n°2018-12. (download file)
  • Chhorn, D., & Chhorn, T. (2018). The Dynamic Impact of Technological Progress on Financial Inclusion: Evidence from Banking and MFIs industry in Cambodia. The Role of Technology in Promoting Financial Inclusion, Allowing Affordable Services: Empirical Study in Cambodia. Phnom Penh: 4th National Macroeconomic Conference, National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). (download file)
  • Chhorn, D. (2017). One man’s view of the world Lee Kuan Yew (Translation in Cambodian language). Singapore: Straits Times Press.
  • Chhorn, D., & Chhorn, T. (2017). Modelling Linkage of Globalization and Financial Development to Human Development in CLMV Region. MPRA Paper 84878.University Library of Munich, Germany. (download file)
  • Chhorn, D. (2016). The Current Knowledge, Attitude & Practices (KAP) Survey on Land Traffic Law of Cambodian Drivers. Phnom Penh: AZI Research Unit.
  • Chhorn, D. (2015, 2016). National Road Traffic Survey: the Case Study of All National Roads in Cambodia. Phnom Penh: AZI Research Unit.