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Impact of the regional trade agreements on trade flows of member countries: the dynamic of regional integration within the ASEAN

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International Trade

International Macroeconomics

Applied Economics



Macroéconomie  / Macroeconomics


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Regional trade agreements (RTAs) have rapidly proliferated around the world in recent years. The upsurge in RTAs throughout the world over the past two decades has resulted in the emergence of a dense, complex network of RTAs in which there are several overlapping agreements among the same trading partners. In the context of the multilateral trading system, RTAs are operated under the rules introduced by the WTO. It may seem that RTAs violate the Most-Favoured-Nation (MFN) principle, one of the most important pillars of the WTO, which prohibits countries from discriminating between their trading partners. However, RTAs are considered as an exception to the MFN obligation.

To explain this rapid growth of RTAs since the 1990s, we aim to identify the economic and political motivations which are pushing countries towards regionalism. We aim to study the impacts of RTAs on their intra-bloc trade and the tendency of member countries to trade with the rest of the world in the wake of their formation. Do they completely respect the MFN clause of the WTO? Do those RTAs result in beneficial effects for intra-bloc trade among member countries?



Bordeaux-Development Seminar - GREThA, Bordeaux, January 2018.

8th Doctoriades Euro-Mediterranean Workshop, Toulon, October 2017.

19th European Trade Study Group (ETSG) Conference, Florence, September 2017.

19th INFER Conference, Bordeaux, June 2017.



Implementation period of trade liberalization and partners characteristics: Do they matter to regional trade agreements?, 2017.

Impacts of regional trade agreements on international trade patterns revisited, 2017.