Invité: Mathieu Ferry

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Jeudi, 30 Novembre 2017


Mathieu FERRY

Doctorant en sociologie, Observatoire Sociologique du Changement (OSC), Sciences Po Paris

Jeudi 30 Novembre
13h - 14h30
GREThA, salle F340


 "What’s India’s beef with meat? The social stratification of meat eating in India since the 1980s"

Abstract : In this article we analyse food diets in India since the 1980s, by mapping out households’ practices in animal product consumption depending on their social positions. Applying Multiple Factor Analysis on the ‘Consumer Expenditures’ data of the National Sample Survey Office, we produce a relational model of food diet segmentation. Two structural dimensions are highlighted. The first one differentiates beef and non-beef meat diets and relates to the symbolic capital of caste and religion. The second one opposes diets including animal products and without, depending on the amount of economic capital. The concept of temporal homology is introduced to show that the social structure remains stable over time. This denotes the importance of religious norms in food practices rather than their weakening due to ‘modernization’ or ‘globalisation’.