Invitée: Sandrine Mesplé-Somps

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Vendredi, 17 Novembre 2017


Sandrine Mesplé-Somps

UMR DIAL IRD-Paris Dauphine

Vendredi 17 Novembre
13h - 14h30
GREThA salle F340


"Can road investments trigger structural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa? The case of Mali"

Auteurs: Blankespoor, B, S. Mesplé-Somps, H. Selod and G. Spielvogel

Abstract : Previous works on road investment in Africa have focused on their impact on urban population growth. In this paper, using georeferenced roads and census microdata over a 20-year [1987-2009] time span, we analyze the impact of road improvement and road network expansion on population dynamics and sectoral allocations of activities in a land-locked sub-Saharan African country, Mali. More specifically, we estimate the effect of changes in local access to markets resulting from road investments on total, worker and migrant population growth as well as on agricultural and non-agricultural employment growth in urban and rural localities. We find that in the context of Mali, the road network expansion does have a significant positive impact on local population growth of rural localities. We also show that road investment are more prone to favor non-agricultural activities rather than agricultural ones. These results are robust when endogenous issues are controlled for and when a diff-in-diff empirical strategy is implemented.