Valentina DI LASIO

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Vendredi, 13 Avril 2018

Séminaire Programme III-GREThA
Séminaire Bordeaux Développement

Valentina DI LASIO

DiECO – Università degli Studi dell’Insubria, Varese

vendredi 13 Avril 2018
13h -14h30
GREThA, salle F340


"Migration and the wellbeing of people left behind: evidence from Armenia and Georgia"

Abstract : While various authors have begun to address the social impact of international migration focusing on the experience of migrants, little has been written on the wellbeing of families left behind. This study investigates the impact of having a relative abroad on the wellbeing of people back home in Armenia and Georgia, adopting a multidimensional approach to objective wellbeing and crossing the objective indicator with a subjective one to have a measure of individuals’ perception of objective living standards. To account for possible endogeneity due to selection bias and reverse causality, we use the Heckman correction combined with instrumental variables approach. The results show a positive impact of migration on both objective and subjective well-being, confirming the role of migration as an economic household strategy. However, improved living standards due to remittances not always translate in improved subjective well-being, suggesting that transfers of money from abroad can generate feelings of dependency and uncertaintyin the recipients.