invité: Kirk Doran

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Mercredi, 16 Mai 2018

Séminaire programme I (ISI)

Kirk Doran

University of Notre Dame


mercredi 16 mai 2018
GREThA salle F340


"Immigration and Invention: Evidence from the Quota Acts"

Since (Hicks, 1932), economists have noted that inventions often economize on labor, so scarce labor should encourage more invention. But (Acemoglu, 2010) notes that in canonical macroeconmic models, plentiful labor encourages invention. The stakes of this debate are high in the policy context of mass immigration. We provide the first causal evidence of the effect of mass immigration on invention, using variation induced by 1920s quotas, which ended history’s largest international migration to the U.S.. Inventors in cities exposed to fewer low-skilled immigrants applied for fewer patents, an effect driven by fewer patent applications relevant for the industries that lost the most immigrant workers.