invité: Robin Cowan

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Mardi, 24 Avril 2018

Séminaire programme I (ISI)

Robin Cowan

University of Maastricht & Université de Strasbourg


Mardi 24 avril
GREThA salle F340

"Emergent structures in faculty hiring networks, and the effects of mobility on academic performance"


Abstract: This paper is about the South African job market for PhDs. PhD to first jobmobility involves the preferences of both the hiring institution and the candidate.
Both want to make the best choice and here institutional prestige plays a crucial role. A university's prestige is an emergent property of the hiring interactions,so we use a network perspective to measure it. Using this emergent ordering, we compare the subsequent scienti\u000Cc performance of scholars with di\u000Berent changes  in the prestige hierarchy. We ask how movements between universities of di\u000Bfferent prestige from PhD to \u000Crst job correlates with academic performance. We use data of South African scholars from 1970 to 2012 and we \u000Cnd that those who make   large movements in terms of prestige have lower research ratings than those who do not. Further, looking only those with large prestige movements, those with higher prestige PhD or \u000Crst job have high research ratings throughout their careers.