Invitée: Anne PLUNKET

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Mardi, 13 Février 2018

Séminaire programme I (ISI)



RITM, Université Paris Sud


mardi 13 février 2018
GREThA , salle F340

"Technological gatekeepers, regional inventor networks and inventive performance"

Abstract: It is increasingly emphasized that the success of industrial clusters depends on the right balance between local development and external openness. This paper contributes to this discussion by exploring how technology gatekeepers contribute to innovation through their intermediation role as they establish extra-local linkages in addition to their local embeddedness. More precisely, the paper investigates, in a regional context, the impact of technological gatekeepers, within inventor teams, on the quality of inventions based on a social network analysis. Given the lack of consensus in the economic geography literature, we explore two definitions of gatekeepers and distinguish their impact from external stars. Our results show that gatekeepers indeed influence the quality of the patents to which they participate. However, the quality of their patents is reduced when gatekeepers and their co-inventors are located in a single region compared to multi-location teams or have not moved prior to patenting, and this holds for both definitions. Finally, external stars do not contribute to the quality of patents even in multi-location and mobile teams.