invitée: Laurie Ciaramella

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Mardi, 23 Octobre 2018

Séminaire programme ISI

 Laurie Ciaramella

Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition

 Mardi 23 Octobre
11h45 - 13h15
GREThA, salle F340

 "Taxation and the Transfer of Patents"

This article explores how firms react to taxes on intellectual property revenues. I exploit heterogeneity in European "patent box" regimes, which offer advantageous tax conditions on intellectual property revenues, to study ?firms' decisions to transfer patents. I document a positive impact of patent boxes on patent transfers, both  short-term and long-term. This attracting effect is stronger the higher the tax rebate, and the greater the expected patent revenues. Like patent transfers between same-group companies, transfer following trade is also tax-sensitive. The results show that policy makers could tweak the constraints imposed on patent purchasers to deter tax avoidance.