Invité: Zachary Patterson

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Vendredi, 16 Juin 2017

Séminaire GREThA

Zachary Patterson

Concordia University, Canada

vendredi 16 juin 2017, 14h-15h30
GREThA salle F340


« The Use of Smartphones for Transport-related Data Collection - The DataMobile Application »

ABSTRACT: « An experiment that used an application of a pragmatic smartphone travel survey developed to minimize respondent burden while collecting pri­ marily passive data between destinations is described; invited partici­ pants came from known population, Concordia University. Respondent burden was reduced by optimizing battery usage, requiring little from respondents apart from downloading and installing an app, completing a short survey, and allowing the app to run in their smartphones’ back­ ground. The experiment showed that a surprisingly large number of peo­ ple (892) contacted by e­mail were willing to participate in the study, with a resultant surprisingly large amount of data as well (4,154 respondent days). Moreover, the overall age distribution of the sample was found to be closer to the true population than a traditional origin–destination (O­D) survey capturing the same population. Differences in travel behavior results from the O­D survey appear plausible given what is known about both smartphone and traditional surveys. That respondents were not asked to validate their data reduced respondent burden, but some validated data are necessary to derive meaningful information from col­ lected data. The collection of some less accurate data when GPS is not available is an important avenue to reduce the identi cation of missing trips. The authors view this experiment as a data point, among others, in attempts to understand the trade­offs involved in the development of smartphone applications. The authors hope it will contribute to the use of such applications on a larger scale in data collection initiatives. »