02 Mai – Séminaire GREThA: Antoine Missemer

15 h30 Salle Manon Cormier, Campus de Pessac

séminaire organisé par le programme 2 - GREThA

Antoine MISSEMER   (CIRED, Paris)

 "The Commodification of Nature, a Review in Social Sciences"

Résumé : In 2003, Castree proposed a conceptual framework to study the commodification processes of nature and the environment. Fifteen years later, literature has become abundant and multidisciplinary. The aim of this contribution is to present a review in social sciences of commodification processes (monetary valuation, marketization, privatization, etc.) of natural resources, ecosystems and the biodiviersity, to delineate the current state of knowledge, and to evaluate, with some historical perspective, the success of systematization attempts. The overall landscape seems to us to lack a truly renewed systemic ambition to understand commodification beyond its detailed forms. In particular, the construction of visual representations (we propose one in terms of ‘commodification chain’) would be useful to clarify the diverse perspectives.

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