18 Décembre – Séminaire programme I: Gianluca Orsatti

11 h45

Séminaire organisé par le programme I (ISI) 

 Gianluca Orsatti

"The business of asserting patents: A PAE prerogative or a pervasive phenomenon? Evidence from U.S. patent transfers"

 Abstract: The business of asserting patents is pervading the ICT industry. Common narrative points to specific companies performing this activity – i.e. patent assertion entities (PAEs) – and indicates a possible detrimental effect on innovation. Exploiting information contained in the U.S. patent assignment database (PAD) and in PatentsView, we explore whether PAEs behave uniquely or, instead, producing companies increased strategic activities in similar manners over time. To do so, we investigate patent transfers dynamics and their impact on further innovation in the ICT domain for the period 1990-2014. Our preliminary findings document the hypothesized convergence between producing companies and PAEs, with the former behaving strategically closer to the latter over time. As for the impact on innovation, results tell us that both PEs and PAEs negatively impact on the rate of further usage of transferred technologies. However, PAEs seem to have an even more negative impact. Ongoing research is approaching the analysis on the impacts looking at patent sellers to estimate possible pass-through effects of PAEs. Importantly, the inclusion of information on litigation activities will decisively complement the study on the strategic behavior of both PAEs and producing companies.

mardi 18 decembre : 11h45 - 13h, GREThA salle F340

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