Directeur de Recherche CNRS / Director of Research CNRS

Curriculum Vitae

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Research topics

  •     Bio-economic modeling, Ecological economics
  •     Sustainability criteria, Viability, Precaution
  •     Fisheries and marine biodiversity management
  •     Farming land-use and birds biodiversity
  •     Control of dynamic systems under constraints

Main Publications

  •  Books

    DeLara M. & Luc Doyen, 2008, Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, Mathematical Models and Methods, Environmental Science and Engineering, Springer, http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-540-79074-7

  •  International peer-reviewed papers

    Mouysset, L.; Doyen, L.; Léger, F.; Jiguet, F.; Benton, T.G. Operationalizing Sustainability as a Safe Policy Space. Sustainability 2018, 10, 3682.

     Lagarde A., Doyen L. et al.(2018) How Does MMEY Mitigate the Bioeconomic Effects of Climate Change for Mixed Fisheries, Ecological Economics, 154, 317-332, http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S092180091731768

    Doyen L. (2018) Mathematics for scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services, Environmental Modeling and Assessment. https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10666-018-9632-4

     Diop et al. (2018) Maximum Economic Yield Fishery Management in the Face of Global Warming, Ecological Economics. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921800918301113

    Béné, C., & Doyen, L. (2018). From resistance to transformation: A generic metric of resilience through viability. Earth's Future, 6. https://doi.org/10.1002/2017EF000660

     Tromeur, E. & Doyen, L. (2018) Optimal Harvesting Policies Threaten Biodiversity in Mixed Fisheries. Environ Model Assess (2018). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10666-018-9618-2

     Jason S. Link, Olivier Thébaud, David C. Smith, Anthony D.M. Smith, Jörn Schmidt, Jake Rice, Jan Jaap Poos, Cristina Pita, Doug Lipton, Marloes Kraan, Stewart Frusher, Luc Doyen, Annie Cudennec, Keith Criddle, Denis Bailly; Keeping Humans in the Ecosystem, ICES Journal of Marine Science, Volume 74, Issue 7, 1 October 2017, Pages 1947–1956, https://doi.org/10.1093/icesjms/fsx130

     Doyen L., Bene C., Bertignac M., Blanchard F., Cissé A.-A.; Dichmont C., Gourguet S., Guyader O., Hardy P.-Y., Jennings S., Little R., Macher C., Mills D., Noussair A., Pereau J-C., Pascoe S., Sanz N., Schwarz A.-M., Smith T., Thébaud O. (2017) Ecoviability for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management, Fish and Fisheries. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/faf.12224/abstract (IF 9)

    Hardy P.-Y., Béné C.,  Doyen L., Mills D. (2017) Strengthening the resilience of small-scale fisheries: a modeling approach to explore the use of in-shore pelagic resources in Melanesia, Environmental Modelling & Software. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364815217306515

     Pereau J.-C., Mouysset L. and Doyen L. 2017. Groundwater Management in a Food Security Context, Environmental and Resource Economics, 1--18.

         Doyen L. (2017) Introduction to Special Issue on Modeling and sustainability of biodiversity and ecosystem services, Natural Resource Modeling,

     Ay, J.-S., Guillemot, J., Martin-StPaul, N., Doyen, L. and Leadley, P. (2016), The economics of land use reveals a selection bias in tree species distribution models. Global Ecol. Biogeogr. doi:10.1111/geb.12514

     Doyen L.,  Cissé A. A.,  Sanz N., Blanchard F., Pereau J.-C., (2016) The Tragedy of Open Ecosystems, Dynamic Games and Applications. http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s13235-016-0205-3

     Hardy P.Y., Doyen L., Béné C., Mills D. (2016) Viability and resilience of small-scale fisheries through cooperative arrangements, Environmental and Development Economics. 21,  6, pp. 713-741, http://dx.doi.org/10.1017/S1355770X16000152

     Teillard F., Doyen L., Dross C., Jiguet F., Tichit M.  (2016) Optimal allocations of agricultural intensity reveal win-no loss solutions for food production and biodiversity. Regional Environmental Change.  doi:10.1007/s10113-016-0947-x

     Mouysset L., Miglianico M., Makowski D., Jiguet F., Doyen L., 2016, Selection of Dynamic Models for Bird Populations in Farmlands, Environmental Modeling & Assessment, 1–12. On line (Rg 2 AgrEnEnv).

     Doyen L., Roche P., Tichit M.  (2016) Concepts et formalismes de la durabilité pour la biodiversité et les services écosystémiques.  In Valeurs de la biodiversité et services écosystémiques, Coord: Philip Roche, Ilse Geijzendorffer, Harold Levrel, Virginie Maris. Quae.

     Gourguet S., Thébaud O.,  Jennings S., Little R., Dichmont C., Pascoe S., Deng R. and Doyen L. 2015. The cost of co-viability in the Australian Northern Prawn Fishery, Environmental Modeling & Assessment (Rg 2 AgrEnEnv) http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10666-015-9486-y

     Cissé, A., Doyen, L., Blanchard, F.,  Pereau, JC, Béné C., 2015, Ecoviability for small-scale fisheries in the context of food security constraints, Ecological Economics, 119, 39-52. (Rg 1 AgrEnEnv, IF 3.7). http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921800915000440

      Mouquet N., Lagadeuc Y., Devictor V., Doyen L., Duputié A., Eveillard D., Faure D., Garnier E., Gimenez O., Huneman P., Jabot F., Jarne P., Joly D., Julliard R., Kéfi S., Kergoat G. J., Lavorel S., Le Gall L., Meslin L., Morand S., Morin X., Morlon H., Pinay G., Pradel R., Schurr F. M., Thuiller W., Loreau M., 2015, Predictive ecology in a changing world. Journal of Applied Ecology. 52,5, 1365-2664. (IF : 4.5) http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/1365-2664.12482,

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     Doyen L., (1993) Filippov and invariance theorems for mutational inclusions of tubes, Set-Valued Analysis, 1: 289:303

Animation of research

  •     President of RMA (Resource Modeling Association)
  •     Scientific Advisory Board of SIAG-MPE: SIAM Activity Group for Mathematics of Planet Earth
  •     Member of CNPN  (Conseil National de Protection de la Nature)
  •     Organizer of the annual international NRM conference 2015 at Bordeaux
  •     Editor NRM (Natural Resource Modeling)
  •     Editor ENMO (Environmental Modeling and Assesment)
  •     Organizer of the annual FAERE conference 2016 at Bordeaux
  •     Expert for BiodivERsA ERA-NET and FACCE-JPI call 2014
  •     Scientific Advisory Board of Gretha 2014
  •     Expert AERES 2013
  •     Selection committee Ifremer 2014
  •     Organizer of a Quartely Program  Mathematics Planet Earth 2013 at IHP (Institut Henri Poincaré): MABIES: MATHEMATICS OF BIO-ECONOMICS, Paris 2013.
  •     Expert Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  •     Participation to the prospective INEE (Institut National Ecologie et Environnement). 2012
  •     Steering Committee Member FRB biodiversity scenario modeling, 2010-2012.
  •     Biodiversity expert group IFREMER; 2010.
  •     Reviewer AAP ANR : 2016, CEPS, 2011 Agrobiosphere 2011
  •     Selection Committee University Paris 6 : ecology, 2009-2011.
  •     2008-2009: Coordinateur Atelier"Complexité  & Science de l'Environnement" de la prospective CNRS-INEE (Institut National Ecologie et Environnement).
  •     SISE Committee of ACI “ Ecological Engineering ”, 2001.
  •     Selection Committee CR2-CEMAGREF LISC, 2000.
  •     Selection Committee CIRAD-ECOPOL, 2000, 2001.
  •     Scientific committee IRD (Institute of Research for Development) : CGRA1, 1999-2003.
  •     Coordination scientifique, organisation, animation et enseignement de l'École Chercheur INRA: Viabilité, contrôle et applications économiques, à Montpellier, Juin 1999
  •     Coordination scientifique, organisation, animation et enseignement de l'École Chercheur IRD (Orstom): Analyse de viabilité des systèmes, Juin 1998, Orléans (ERMES)
  •     Organisation et animation d'un Seminar interdisciplinaire intitulé ``Développement Viable' à l'École Normale Supérieure de Paris. 1994-1997
  •     Reviewer for journals : Ecological Economics, Fisheries Management and Ecology, Environmental, Modeling and Assessment, Journal of Environmental Management, Conservation Letters, Macro-economic dynamics, Revue Economie Politique, Animal Conservation, Nature Science et Société, Maths Reviews of AMS (American Mathematical Society), Systems and Control Letters, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization Applied Mathematics and Computation. .
  •     Examining board HDR : Samuel Bates, Un. Bordeaux, 2017; Pierre Courtois, Un. Paris-Est, 2016; Joachim Claudet, EPHE, 2016; Fabian Blanchard, Marine sciences, University Guyane 2014; Olivier Thébaud ; Bio-économie, ED Sciences de la MER, Brest ; 2010.
  •     Examining board PhD Thesis : B. Dupeux, Un. Gent, 2016; B. Diop, Un. Guyane, 2016, A. Brias, Un. Clermont-Ferrand, 2016, Ramya Rachmawati, RMIT, Melbourne, 2016; C. Mullier, Bio-economics, Montpellier, 2015; ,   L. Sepulveda, Modeling, UNAL, Colombia, 2015; F. Joly, AgropParisTech 2015; Charles Rougé, Informatique, Université Blaise Pascal Clermont, 2013; Pierre Yves Hardy, Ecologie économique, MNHN,2013; Abdoul Cissé, Economie des pêches, UAG 2013; S. Gourguet UTAS-UBO, 2013; Lauriane Mouysset : Ecologie économique, MNHN,2012. Claire Bernard : mathématiques appliquées, Université de Clermont-Ferrand, 2011.Rodolphe Sabatier : agro-écologie, AgroParisTech, 2010. L. Chapel, Informatique, Université Blaise Pascal Clermont II, 2007. L. Gilotte, Doctorat Mathématiques Appliques(Economie de l’Env.), ENPC; 2004. J.M. Auberlet ; Doctorat Bio-Mathématiques ; Université d’Angers ; 1997.

Administrative reponsabilities

  •     Responsable du Programme II GREThA "Dynamique des Ecosystèmes"
  •     President of RMA (Resource Modeling Association)
  •     Organizer of the annual international NRM conference 2015 at Bordeaux
  •     Organizer of the annual FAERE conference 2016 at Bordeaux
  •     Coordinator Belmont Forum network: SEAVIEW; Budget 200 K€; Consortium CNRS, IFREMER, CSIRO (Australia), Univ. Kiel (Germany), Univ. Tromsoe (Norway), FASESP( Brasil), EAF (South Africa); 2015-2016
  •     Coordinator research project LaBex COTE: NAVIRE; Budget 135 K€; Consortium GREThA, IRSTEA, IFREMER; 2015-2017.
  •     Coordinator GREThA research project ANR: ACroSS; Budget 150K€; Consortium CRIOBE, GREThA, IFREMER; 2015-2018.
  •     Coordinator GREThA network ANR: RESUS; Budget 15K€; Consortium  IRSTEA, GREThA, INRA; 2015-2016.
  •     Coordinator research project CNRS PIG (Programme Interdicsiplinaire Guyane) 2014:  VOGUE; Budget 10K€
  •     Organizer of a Quartely Program  Mathematics Planet Earth 2013 at IHP (Institut Henri Poincaré): MABIES: MATHEMATICS OF BIO-ECONOMICS, Paris 2013.


  •     Master Environmental economics (EDDEE), AgroParisTech: 2002-2016
  •     Mathematics of complex systems (EGR), Un. Bordeaux: 2016.
  •     Master Ecology (EBE), University Paris VI, 2006-2014.
  •     Master Modelling (MIDO), University Paris IX: 2011-2013
  •     ENPC engineering school (Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées), 2002-2015
  •     ESILV engineering school  (Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénierie du Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci), 1997-2004

PhD students

  •     C. Kersulec: Ecoviability for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management; ED 227; Funding EED 227; In progress.
  •     E. Tromeur: Multi-species sustainable yields. ED 227; Funding IPEF; In progress.
  •     A. Lagarde: Resilience of fisheries and biodiversity in coral reefs ecosystems; ED EES; Funding ANR ACROSS; In progress.
  •     Y. Elalami: Gestion écosystémique et bio-économique pour une agriculture durable; ED EES; Funding CIFRE; In progress.
  •     S. Gourguet : Viabilité stochastique pour la gestion durable des pêcheries, ED UBO- UTAS. Funding IFREMER - CSIRO; 2009-2012.
  •     L. Mouysset : modélisation bio-économique pour la co-viabilité biodiversité oiseau et usages agricoles, ED MNHN; Funding ANR; 2009-2012. http://laurianemouysset.wordpress.com/scientific-production/
  •     P.Y. Hardy: Résilience et gestion viable des écosystèmes marins exploités ; ED MNHN; funding ANR ADHOC; 2010-2013.
  •     F. Teilhard : modélisation pour la co-viabilité avifaune et agriculture, ED FDV; Funding INRA; 2009-2012.
  •     Rodolphe Sabatier: Co-viability of bird biodiversity and agriculture, Funding AgroParisTech,  2009-2011. http://rodolphesabatier.wordpress.com/
  •     Chloe Guerbois: Wildlife Biodiversity management through protected area in Africa, Funding ERAMET, 2008-2012.

Research projects and grants

    - Coordinator Belmont Forum network: SEAVIEW; Budget 200 K€; Consortium CNRS, IFREMER, CSIRO (Australia), Univ. Kiel (Germany), Univ. Tromsoe (Norway), FASESP( Brasil), EAF (South Africa); 2015-2016

    - Participation European project GEO-SAFE

    - Participation  FASIC (Australia-France) project, 2018- 2019

    - Participation  MathsAmsud project MOVECO (Chile-Colombia-France) project, 2017- 2018

    - Coordinator research project Région Aquitaine BIRDLAND: Consortium GREThA, CEBC; 2018-2019.

    - Coordinator research project LaBex COTE: NAVIRE; Budget 135 K€; Consortium GREThA, IRSTEA, IFREMER; 2015-2017.

    - Coordinator GREThA research project ANR: ACroSS; Budget 150K€; Consortium CRIOBE, GREThA, IFREMER; 2015-2018.

    - Coordinator GREThA network ANR: RESUS; Budget 15K€; Consortium  IRSTEA, GREThA, INRA; 2015-2016.

    - Coordinator research project CNRS PIG (Programme Interdicsiplinaire Guyane) 2014:  VOGUE;Budget 10K€

    - Participation to the European ERA-NET RURAGRI project entitled  TRUSTEE.

    - Member of GDR CNRS Liga: Littoral de Guyane sous influence Amazonienne : dynamique et vulnérabilité des communautés et des écosystèmes (LiGA)

    - Member of GDR CNRS SAPIENV

    – Frohlich Fellowship Grant CSIRO-CMAR, 2 months, Australia, 2012.

    – Coordinator research project ANR (French National Agency) : Co-viability modeling for marine biodiversity and fisheries ; Partners : CNRS, INRIA, IFREMER, WorldFishCenter-CGIAR, GRETHA, CSIRO; 2010-2013; Budget : 627 K€.

    – Coordinator research project FRB (French Fondation Research Biodiversity) : Modeling and scenarios for biodiversity, agriculture and forestry facing climate change ; Partners: CNRS, INRA, MNHN; 2010-2012 ; Budget : 235 K €.

    – Leader of WP project ANR Farmbird : Co-viability modeling for birds biodiversity and farming ; Partners : INRA, MNHN, CNRS ; 2009-2012 ; Budget : 578 K €.

    – Partner project FRB (Fondation Recherche Biodiversité) BIOMER : Modélisation bio-économique, théorie des jeux et co-viabilité pour la gestion des pêches et de la biodiversité marine ; Partners : GRETHA, CNRS, IFREMER, Univ. Guyanne-Antilles ; 2010-2011 ; Budget : 40 K .

    – Leader WP research project GECO (Secrétariat d’Etat Outremer) : Gestion durable des pêcheries côtières en Guyane ; Partners : IFREMER, Université Guyane-Antilles, GRETHA; 2009-2010 ; Budget : 40K .

    – Coordinator research project IFB-GICC : Modèles pour une gestion durable de la biodiversité sous incertitude et dynamique globales ; Partners : CNRS, MNHN, INRA, IFREMER, IRD, CEMARE; 2004-2005 ; Budget : 40 K .

    – Partner ACI Economic Models of Sustainable Development : Développement durable, invariance et équité intergénérationnelle ; Partners : MNHN, Paris X, Paris I, ENPC; Budget : 30 K €.

    – Participation to FEAST program : Integrated simulation tools for the bio-economic assessment of renewable resource systems : CSIRO & IFREMER; 2008-2009.

    – Partner research project ANR Chaloupe; IFREMER, IRD, CNRS, ENIB, WFC; 2005-2008 ; Budget : 800 K euros.

    – Participation ACI Ecologie Quantitative : Member Network MOOREA Méthodes d’Optimisation pour l’Ecologie et l’Halieutique ; 2003-2005.

    – Participation to MIFIMA STIC-AMSUD network between Chile-Perou and France : modelling for the management of natural resources ; 2007-2009.

    – Participation to European program Human Capital and Mobility : Calculus of variations and control under state constraints ; H. Frankowska ; 1998.

    – Participation PICS CNRS: Robust control of nonlinear systems; C. Byrnes et H. Frankowska : Washington University in Saint-Louis, USA; 1997.

    – Participation Summer scientific program of IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) Wien, Austria ; 1995-1996.


GREThA - University of Bordeaux
16 avenue Leon Duguit
33608   Pessac, France