7èmes journées du développement GREThA-IDEA

25-27 juin 2018, Université de Bordeaux, Pôle juridique et judiciaire

Joint conference IDEA-GREThA development JDD

Bordeaux, June 25-27, 2018

University of Bordeaux

Pôle juridique et judiciaire

35 place Pey Berland, 33000 Bordeaux (map)


This year’s main topic is “Collective Action and Development”. We welcome theoretical and empirical, micro and macro contributions to the theme at large.

As always, we also welcome contributions in other topics of development economics.

This year’s distinctive feature: the conference will be simultaneously organized with the International Development Ethics Association annual conference, which will gather social scientists from other fields. All participants will be welcome to attend both conference sessions.

IDEA: A World United: Allies in Ethical development

The two conferences will take place in the same venue (Pole Juridique et Judiciaire, downtown historical Bordeaux) and will be connected through two joint keynote addresses by Vijayendra Rao from the World Bank Development Research Group, and Christine Koggel from Carleton University’s Philosophy department.

Keynote speakers:

Christine Koggel (Canada), Professeur de philosophie appliquée, Carleton University, Canada : https://carleton.ca/philosophy/people/koggel-christine/

Vijayendra Rao (USA), Lead economist, département de la recherche, World Bank : http://www.vijayendrarao.org/

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Comité d'organisation: Jérôme Ballet, Tanguy Bernard and Eric Rougier

Contact: grethadevelopment2018@u-bordeaux.fr

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